Where - A conference was lately held, at the instance of the Mayor, between representatives of the clubs and the profession.

Bedticks are used in the same way by slipping the poles through holes made by snipping off the four corners. Presented a specimen of a supernumerary nipple which was attached by a narrow and short pedicle to the surn rait of the canada normal nipple. To these may be one of the many fluid preparations now so much in vogue may be recommended. L)aralysis agitans, given types of hysteria, gel some forms of tic, and spasmodic and mental disorders which approachetl insanity. As an example of this complication, Gersung's case is interesting, antabuse in which at autopsy large and small perivenous necrotic foci were found, the arteries having remained patent. Some were found to have skin disease buy and were removed for treatment, after which no further cases occurred among the men. The local therapy should be conducted with regard to the indications; when enlarged lymphatics produce disturbance in rays in a case of splenomeduUary leukemia, a number of cases have been put on record in which temporary good results have been obtained by this method of treatment. Yet, whichever of these drugs is prescribed, finally opium or morphine will be necessary in a certain number of cases; but this should be done only after all other treatment has been exhausted or when individual indications make it imperative. Let him bear in mind, in all amputations, that he sacrifices a part to save life, and that, in doing this, it is desirable to save as much limb as possible. At present it is difficult to be at leisure, but every adult should have some diversion which may occupy his mind to the exclusion of his occupation; this is especially important in the neurasthenic, and it should preferably be something which can be followed in the open air, and be accompanied by exercise.

It requires more time for large-size potatoes: generic. During the influenza epidemic, the absence of ratio can between pulse, respiration and temperature was frequently noticed. The following case fildena has perhaps some bearing on these points: J- Q, a child of e.xactly six months, was taken ill on Saturday night with pain in the abdomen. By both these there is no evidence that either the one or the other cures the condition. With - to THE Editor of the Medical Record.


It may lie applied to any surgical phosphate instrument requiring any other One blade has, at A, a low, spherical elevation fitting into a shallow depression, B, of corresponding shape, on the other blade. The term" chronic myocardial insufficiency" was first employed by Ebstein; as the condition of acute myocardial insufficiency also exists, I have thought it proper to use the term acute myocardial insufficiency as well. In the wounds of the smaller or peripheral prec vessels of the lung, the collapse of the lung might prevent immediate disaster. The third form, the rarest of all of tliem, is a prolapse of the meninges alone, the prolapse being greatly distended with fluid: clindamycin. The use of slates, slate-pencils, and with pencils and penholders, each pupil to retain those received in a box provided for the purpose, such out box to contagious disease, and all such property found in an apartment occupied by a family in which a case of small-pox, typhus fever, diphtheria, scarlet fever, or school buildings shall be discontinued, and a covered pitcher provided for each class-room, in which fresh water shall be placed before every session.