Actos - Years ago, in discussing continued fever of obscure origin, the writer reported a case of syphilis of the liver illustrating that feature.

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The patients rapidly acquire the ruddy aspect of health and gain in weight, while the influence on the manifestations of the syphilis appears more radical 15 than with any other treatment.


He had "effects" recently administered ether to two patients who had suffered from bronchitis previous lo the time of operation.

In is winter thirty minutes of steaming is sufficient, but in summer from forty to forty-five minutes will be required, the object being to raise the it there a sufScient time to destroy any pathogenic organism present.

Place of meeting, Portland, Oregon, Oration on Surgery, what John Collins Warren, Boston; Oration on State Medicine, George Blumer, San Francisco. Price - protracted warm baths are highly recommended by Reisse and others when cold baths are badly borne or are unproduciive of good results. First days of May, the members of the dermatological section voted to establish a journal devoted to precedencia diseases of the skin.

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