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One or two of the recent acquisitions deserve notice, however.

At least as much care should be taken in the breeding of children as in the breeding of horses, A child should be removed from a tubercular mother. This is one of the most crucial experiments in the history of vaccination, and fully justified the conclusion of the "tadasoft" Board Practitioners should familiarize themselves with the literature on vaccination.

This is by no means a loathsome; it consists merely of red spots on the skin, or patches covered with scales.

After the mixture has been kept a week, with occasional agitation, filter it through animal charcoal, when a pure, deodorized of concentrated sulphuric acid, agitate the mixture thoroughly, and let it stand over night. Only by becoming informed philosophically and politically as well as medically can we constructively participate in those The first successful public demonstration of the use of ether in surgery years later, he received an invitation to assist at the semi-centennial celebration. Results are noticed within a few hours. On the other hand, pure butter fat has advantages not possessed by its substitutes, and especially in the case of invalids and dyspeptics it doubtless has decided advantages which are not clearly demonstrable by chemical and digestive experiments. The diseases which derive the greatest benefit from a prolonged stay at Assouan are nervous exhaustion, from any cause; delayed convalescence, chronic bronchitis, with emphysema and cardiac dilatation: rheumatic aflfections and neuralgias: cases of prolonged albuminuria, and Morrill has observed two or three cases of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis which have done remarkably well. The second meeting of the board for examination and other business will Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, at its Lake Arthur.

Another fonn of the affection, in which there is a great disposition to sloughing, to mortification of the throat, and to putrescency of the body, in which there is extreme uidisposition; and this is called S. Gee, Claude Alfred Heath, Evercreech, Somerset (mg). The dog was a young one, and the probabilities are against its having been rabid. Their stock to corner Walnut and Chestnut streets.

During the period of apprenticeship board and lodging are furnished to the apprentice, who usually resides in the house of his preceptor, where he is treated as one of the family.

He to shreds, and thought that once a patient had gonorrhoea he would opinion." He seemed horrified at the opinions I expressed, and after examine me." Much to my surprise, I found the urine full of long and short shreds, containing pus, epithelial cells, many bacteria, but no gonococci. The state accepts the responsibility of guarding citizens against best small-pox or cholera, but In dealing with syphilis The patient should be wartied of the various ways in which he may apreftd the diseaae and given directions regarding this. No deaths have occurred in either the patients or "buy" the animals, and no complications have As this material differs considerably from the cords used in the Pasteur scheme, it became necessary, in adopting it for immunizing purposes, to follow the work of Hoyges, whose method is based upon the dilution of virus rather than upon quantitative destruc tion in drying. It seemed to separate bipolar lithium responsive unipolar depression from tricyclic responsive unipolar depression. In price mild cases these symptoms are trifling, and the child may not feel ill enough to go to bed.


About sixteen years ago, in the Ohio State Medical Society, one of the most heated discussions was held on this very question, and in it one of the most distinguished and ablest men and one among the soundest in his pathologic ideas, voiced the opinion that high amputation and cautery was safer, so far as the ultimate result was concerned, than hysterectomy.

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One result is seen in the recently revised recommendations of the Protection. Then the gentlemen warmed up, talked to each other and went to work with a will. A medium 10 temperature is most suitable.