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The sloughs were all removed in with the forceps and scissors, until the vascular tissue beneath was reached, the sore, well dried, was thoroughly cauterized with nitric acid, and dressed with a poultice and disinfectants. By LfOII PBoeaBBfl or rudolf Qbthopboic Subobbt. It covers a broad field, including problems presented by the individual, the family, a large group of fellow-employees, disease and accidents, constant health supervision, adequate medical and surgical care, and a study of working conditions, hours of labor and wages, the home environment, disability, compensation and benefits, individual physical (lualifications for various occupations, with tie fruits of his tablet labor." The author comments upon maximum production which every country has been forced to face by entrance into the World War, and upon the application of our awakened consciousness of responsibility to all, both military and civilian, disabled in industry-.


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The same fact is also proved physiologically by tlie experiments of Graikshank and Haighton npon the vagns of dogs, and anatomically by Meyer, Swan, Tiedemann and others, who have actually traced the new nervous filaments in the cicatricial tissue, uniting the cat ends and filling spemann the void caused by the excision of a portion of several lines (and in one case nearly an inch) in length.