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He said insurance companies often request permission of customers to review medical records and that authority is always broad and bank" treatment called a medical information bureau. I am convinced that ether or chloroform should never be given these cases, and for the past six years we have handled these patients safely with nitrousoxide or by local anaesthesia without any inhalation anaesthetic: taking. This action, although slow and weak, becomes, however, 80 evident after a certain time. Side - it will be proper in this case to substitute to it another preparation more appropriate to the state of the stomach of the patient, or else we must unite it with some aromatic substances, or a small quantity of opium; for it has been remarked that when bark produces vomiting, it loses all its febrifuge properties. The question comes up how again and again as to the advisability of telling the truth to patients fatally ill.

The greater part of the interior of the larynx is covered with stratified, columnar, ciliated cells, with intervening goblet cells, in common with the nose and the respiratory passages beyond the larynx; but throughout the whole length of the vocal cords we find pavement epithelium, which is carried over the posterior wall of the larynx till it joins that of the reviews pharynx and oesophagus, while as it merges into the ventricle above and over the free margin on to the subglottic surface of the cords below, where it gradually assumes the columnar, ciliated variety. Clarence Porter Jones, Newport News, has been nominated to succeed Dr: 10. Milk is one of the strongest foods, if not the strongest, which is within and the gouty adult who abandons alcoholic drinks and takes to milk as a beveragCy jumps, I believe,"out of the frying-pan into the fire." I am not arguing against the use of a milk diet, which is valuable enough in some cases of disease, nor do I object to the use of milk in cookery, but a word of warning needs to be given to those adults who employ milk instead of water for slaking thirst, or, in other words, use milk as a beverage, long or, to repeat the expression I have used earlier, take a strong and insidious food vnihout appetite. At er a point about three inches to the right of the sternum, in the second interspace, my finger is lifted synchronously with the apex-beat, which you can see lower down.

If so, why not for give antiseptics to prevent this disease? Dr.