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In these animals, the urinary glucose following an excess of blood sugar is son excreted through the glomeruli, while the urinary glucose after phlorhizin injection passes through the tubules.

The dose required to produce toxic symptoms is mas in general much larger than the dose required to produce sensitization, As a rule the injection of a foreign protein into an animal sensitizes it to the particular protein used and not to others. This is followed by the Primula obconica (the English primrose) as the hombres second most frequent offender. The practice of taking a generic little fruit at the same time is not equally hurtful, provided by its quality or quantity it do not excite indigestion. During subacute anaphylaxsis the temperature of is the animal frequently falls. Kesteven considers as commissural between the nerve cells of the two olives, really belong to the outermost and middle fibrce arctuatoz described by Meynert, which through and in part behind the olivary body of the same side, without however any connection with its nerve cells, and out of its hilus and into the hilus of the olivarv body on the opposite side with whose cells it does connect. He did not wish to go further than that, as he was anxious to preserve the inferior extremities of the radius and ulna, so that the movements of pronation and supination might still be performed. It is not unlikely that, however it may operate injuriously, as it appears in respect of some points, it has, at the same time, operated beneficially.

I accordingly did so, and found that the opinion I had formed was partly correct, for the tumour was found to be an old irreducible omental hernia.

The attacks lasted eight or nine hours, leaving her with a sense of uneasiness in the limbs, and some numbness or ill-defined morbid sensations.