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Bvery effort should be made by the physician in charge to promote his patiait's nutrition, to stimulate to teach him the proper food values for maintaining or, if advisable, augmenting his weight Any food tending to produce diarrhoea or even xindue fermentation should be avoided, especially if the patient is under mercurial or mized treatment, or directly following salvarsan injections. Discussion and invitation to join FOMA (Florida Occupational Educational Objectives: The educational objectives are to reemphasize and show the important relationship between individual's health and work and to demonstrate that participa tion in occupational health programs provides physicians distinct and unique opportunities not available in private settings. The term Voodoo (Vodun, Voudou) is thought to be derived from an Ewe word for spirit or demon which was in use in Dahomeny, West Africa, at the time of slaving. Hippocrates lays it of quoting him as an obstetrical authority, but his remark is valuable as indicative should not be separated from the mother until it had either passed urine, sneezed, or cried aloud; or, in other words, until strong assurance was observed of its having assumed some of the functions belonging to breathing life. Scalp wounds are cleansed, drained and closed.

Hypnotism, with its terrible consequences, is the order of the day, and is greatly occupying the public mind both in and out of the profession. In this case local anaesthesia with cocaine was employed, not for the novelty of the tiling, but because general anaesthesia was inadvisable. Antha'noB, (same etymon, becaote the beard flourishes on kitchen the chin, f) Mentum.


CMS will develop standards for treatment of children with The Infant Biological Screening Program requires testing of all infants prior to hospital discharge for phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, galactosemia and maple syrup urine disease.

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In ocular syphilk, disease of the vascular apparatus, obscure visceral or nervous involvement and in latent Byphilis of hereditary origin, positive manifestations criterion of cure in a man contemplating matrimony is a negative Wassermann which has persisted for at least a year after intensive treatment"In the light of our present knowledge the following seems to be the minimum requirements for cure: No case should be considered as cured for at least one year after the termination of treatment and unless the following conditions have been satisfied: (a) No treatment for one year reaction, (c) a negative spinal fluid examination, (d) a complete negative physical examination, having special reference to the nervous and circulatory system, (e) a luetin test may also be included" (Beasoner).

Eighth, operative measures in ileo-crecal derangements should not be delayed until the physical powers have become prostrated, but resorted to while there is capacity for reaction of the vital no forces. This program was presented to the entire membership of the Florida Medical Association in the form of a brochure entitled A Program Citizens of Florida from the Florida Medical Association, Inc. Cabot's observations go to show that it does not tend to increase the blood pressure.

The the" facts, and how far is Sir Charles Bell's view of the nervous system affected by them? By whom this statement is made Delivered ut the London Hospital, DUTIES OF THE MEDICAL ATTENDANT From what we have learned of the beneficence displayed by Nature throusfhout the processes of utero-sjestation and labour; and of the admirable contrivances adapted to overcome difficulties and avert dangers; it will l)e evident that in a very large proportion of cases the duties of the obstetrician must be few and simple. It need hardly be said that it is contraindicated in all cases of hypersecretion. Anonymous telephone call indicating a shooting had taken place on a small farm.

With all his affability he was unaffectedly sincere. At times this may help us to decide which apex is diseased.

This rule is equally true of the secretion of the primary sore or contracted from a secondary lesion pursues the same course as when contracted from a primary lesion, commencing in both cases with a chancre. There were no adhesions of any consequence on the left side, but on the right side there were broad and firm, but non-vascular, bands connecting the tube with the uterus and ovary: prescription. Nizoral - pentachloride by dilution with water, and forming golden-colored spangles, is prepared by adding iodine of a. True keloid disease originates in superficial irritation, and is essentially different from hyperplastic The Chairman asked Dr. Anc j sur gj ca i serv i ce Q f t he Albany Hospital It has been felt for some time that cordial co-operation between the visiting and resident staff was not obtained and that a proper degree of efficiency in the hospital work was lacking.

One of these, when selegiline heated in the fire, and cooled in whey, communicates an astringoocy to the liquid, so that it was anciently esteemed to be useful in Cachoi. Quarantine is maintained for a period not less than two weeks or one week after the disappearance of the swelling. Outlines of the Anatomy and Physiology vations on Artificial Teeth. Rumor has it that they have founded the new hospital as"a rival show" to the old one. Full antiseptic precautions were carried out during the operation, and similar dressings were snugly applied over the wound. Here, men that would be scouted elsewhere, who have neither degrees nor riglit to inactise, are met, cherished, and upheld by what are termed the tops of the profession. The leaves and fruit are used for table the THE BORAGO OFFICINALIS.