Uk - Such cases must be distinguished from some insidious diseases (tuberculosis, leukaemia) which have other characteristic lesions.

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Yams, sweet potatoes, jaggery, and hone)', when eaten towards evening, are supposed to be difficult of digestion, and to occasion disease by disturbing the phlegm. Thus the patient may dash her head repeatedly against the floor to or the bed;.

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A large majority of cases of intermittent fever terminate without further treatment after the thorough abortion it is required only when a paroxysm is felt to be on the point of developing. The board and iron plate were then fastened to the feet, shoe fashion, one of them on the right fore foot and the other one on the left hind how foot. By covering one handle of the divining rod, and that the right, with a layer of thin silk, a very singular and After covering the point of the divining rod with a thick layer of silk stuff, the motion was sensibly more brisk than it had been before. If the owner or person in charge of the dog does not claim it within two days after the Order is served the dog may be destroyed. As a means of flushing the stable during the day, drying the floor, and thoroughly perflating the building, they have no equal if they exist in sufficient number for the size of the structure, and especially if they are placed on opposite sides of the stable.

Of the extra-medullary growths the majority are small, encapsuled tumom-s of benign type arising from the inner surface of the dura minocycline or from the arachnoid. Such cases must be distinguished from some insidious diseases (tuberculosis, leukaemia) which have other characteristic lesions (uk).