Eriacta - These areas of skin tenderness for diseased internal organs, and for applicatinQ of skin irritants to relieve these conditions, have been mapped out in man.

A body, mobile in mass and in molecule, and continually changing under the influence of vital and other energies its physical and chemical constituents in certain vitally determined directions, must necessarily be subject to the disturbing influences, material and dynamic, flowing out of its subjectivity to the laws of matter and energy, and, consequently, must be liable to the modifying influence of every change, material and dynamic, which impresses it, and as these changes are innumerable, and to be"met with at every turn," a special prohibitive and rectifying force is self-produced in every organism, by which the disastrous effects of these changes are neutralised, called This power it "cheap" is which renders the continuance of life possible to the extent that it is, and which, under pathological conditions, enables the affected organism to throw them off and to renew the status quo ante, or the reign of physiological law and order; a study, therefore, of this power, and the manners and methods of its beneficent procedure, becomes a matter of paramount necessity if we would seek to aid it in its continual attempts at curing disease and healing the injuries to which humanity is subject. From watching the course of a considerable number of septic wounds, with this point in view, I am convinced that we are unable to affect, by any application of antiseptics, such pus organisms as are in the tissues; that we must depend entirely on nature mg to rid the tissues of these organisms, and that the presence of antiseptics on granulations is detrimental to their vigor, and therefore to the rapidity with which a wound becomes heafthy. The horse usually stands in the stall with the head down online and appears sleepy. It is bad enough if it is a newly diseoyered disease; the reproach becomes far worse iu the case of an old disease, the way to check whicli has been discovered, and when the disease is increased by deliberate reversal of the 100mg process by which it has been checked. The bacteriologists of the Medical Research C'ommittea believe that in the previous Local Government Board vaccine the tablets proportion of Pfeiffer's bacillus was too small, and that more favourable results might follow the use of a vaccine in which this micro-organism forms the dominant constituent, and of which a much larger dose is given.

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