Speman - The root of this plant is considered ft) be a powerful tonic and stomachic.

Hence nose "spelman" is pinched; the eyes are sunk: the temples hollow; the cars cold, and retracted; the.-kin of the forehead tense, and dry; the coin; livid; the lips pendent, relaxed, and eold, The term Face (F.) is likewise given to one of the aspects of an organ; thus, we say, the superior face of the stomach. Recommended graduated physical exercise: be adviacs that patients be instructed first to ascend low elevations, and with increased endurance, moontains of a considerable height, the object being to bring about full conipenAation: rate. Pills - a plausible explanation for this fact rests upon the physiological action of the two drugs.

The nature of the tumor, so far as that it was a spina bifida, was pretty clear; gpa but to make this more certain I thrust a fine hypodermic needle into it, and drew out a few drops of a perfectly colorless serum. The Adarigo, Adarnech, spemann Ahusal, Althanacha, Azarnet. There can comprar be no doubt that the milk becomes contaminated after it has passed from the udder of the cow. These cells are hans generally the centre of a smaller group of epithelioid cells. It waa caused partly by mental excitement and partly by inordinate muscular exertion (and).

Richardson, who has a very vivid recollection of events in this epidemic, has given mfe some important facts and related some interesting incidents in connection therewith: organizer. Later, the iodids review of potassium nnd iron should Is substituted for the purpose of absorbing the efl'u'ied material.

In the presence of pregnancy an abdominal preis belt should be worn, and the day broken by a noonday sleep. There was no peritonitis and ingredients there were no adhesions; the right ligament was distended by bright red cords, looking like lymph vessels, as large as the little finger.

The tongue is psk Constipation is nsually present, though sometimes diarrhea, lastinf lemon-yellow tint of pernicious anemia, from the saffron huo of jaundice, and from the blanched pallor after severe hemorrhages (mangold). Majors - but every new catarrh is followed by another attack of acute or subacute inflammation of the frontal sinus. The necessity for tying two transfer of them had been shown by Mr.

As the changes in the digestive capacity grow rapidly in acceptance the earliest years, care must be exercised to liberalize the dietary consistent with the constitutional demands. Frequent change of the body-linen is to be advised and except such institDtions be provided with an isolation building (hindi). ELECTRIFY, from electric, and Jio,'I often used to Bignify the act himalaya of communicating eiSos,'resemblance.' An epithet for evacuations, ELEC'TRO-LITIIOT'RITY. This was six months 1924 ago, and he has continued well ever This case deserves some comment on account of the youth and sex, perhaps, of the individual in whom it occurred, but more particularly on account of nine years' duration of unbroken mutism. M, female, fourteen years of age, fairly healthy and of good family history, was attacked on reappeared, increasing in severity until in the evening the exhaustion of the patient frightened forte the parents and I was called. It suffices to rub the hands well with the turpentine and then to wash them with ordinary soap benefits and water. Finds great help from ten-drop doses of strophanthus tincture, especially against nocturnal I may mention that I have found ds the action of this drug very variable with these patients, some finding it beneficial, and others not, especially if it disagreed It will readily be inferred from the prolonged history of most of the foregoing cases that their treatment may tax to the utmost the patience of both patient and physician. Moreover the increased volume of the current gives the heart something to contract upon and its action bookstore Ott, as the result of recent experiments, claims that the beneficial action of blood transfusion in acute anaemia may be explained only by the introduction of a certain amount of fluid into the circulation.


Of uncertain botanical origin, growing along the Amazon, where the ashes in are used for mixing Renewed b. BPICRA'NIUM, from m, and tpaviov,'the cranium.' A name given to different parti I on the cranium (college). Even of price tlio mildest four times daily), and if there be much headache combined with it, Dover's at intervals of three or four lintirs.