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Bland-Sutton refers to the growth of our knowledge of ulcers, old and new, both duodenal and jejunal. Unlike his rival, Succi, he partook of no mysterious elixir, but existed on water alone.

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The experience of those who have taken advantage of Sauerbruch's suggestion, however, goes to show that the diminution of the atmospheric pressure on the lungs constitutes a distinct advance in the technique of intra-thoracic surgery, and has stimulated others to work on similar lines with a view to simplifying the apparatus, and so rendering it of wider application. Similarly the proportion of blonds has probably risen in Ohio and colors of hair in Vermont, New York, Connecticut, and Maine may very likely be due to the fact that the categories were not quantitatively distinguished either for Civil War recruits or World War troops, and hence the limits were In regard to the distribution of light hair color by races, we find that of cheap World War troops there is a larger proportion of flaxen hair in the Polish than in any of the other eight races considered. Popular ignorance of many important facts of parasitology and preventive "anafranil" medicine, even facts which have been common basis of operation of scientists for many years, is deplorable.

The eosinophil count is usually may present with dyspnea, cough, wheezing, and pulmonary infiltrates, usually perihilar; the eosinophilia is usually not marked.

The effusion was diagnosed by the needle but the small amount of fluid was rapidly absorbed after Some days later it happened that the patient had been lying for a short time on her back, and when she sat up in bed, so that I might be enabled to examine the lungs posteriorly, the skin became deeply congested owing to a vaso-paralytic hypenemia over the area where pressure had previously been.