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Both hydrochloride possess a motor as well as a sensory root. In other cases the manifestations of cardiac weakness last several days or even weeks, either to end fatally or to nz clear up slowly. In my opinion, an infected and discharging vaccination zyban wound sliould l)e cared for. As a rule, these cramps do not last long; but occasionally I have observed more persistent spasm in which the hands assume the characteristic form seen in tetany (side). With the phonendoscope the sounds are made more audible and distinct: cheaper.

The reader is referred to works on the surgery of the kidney for the description of the details of Acanthosis nigricans and Addison's disease, Acid, amido-ethyl-sulphonic (taurin), in the carbolic, poisoning by, effect of on the Adenie, Adenoid disease, see Lymphadenoma, Alcoholism, and acute yellow atrophy of the and hypertrophic biliary cirrhosis of the Amino-acids, metabolism of, in acute yellow Ammonia, urinary, and feeding with acids, Anaesthetics, and the status lymphaticus, Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus and foaming Bacterial infection, and acute pancreatitis, Basedow's disease, see Exophthalmic Goitre, Bile acids, absent from urine in icterus Bile-ducts, pseudo, in acute yellow atrophy Bile pigments, and functional activity of the Blood, coagulability of the, in angioneuroses, Blood, the, amount of sugar and urea in, Cachexia strumipriva vel thyreopriva, see Chloroform poisoning, and acute yellow Cirrhosis, see the various organs Cystitis, diagnosis from ureteral calculus, in the ascites of portal cirrhosis of the Diabetes insipidus, efficiency of the kidneys Duodenum, changes seen in the, in acute the, diagnosis from portal cirrhosis of the Emotion, mental, and acute yellow atrophy Esbach's method of estimating protein, lessens the formation of bile pigments, Flajani's disease, see Exophthalmic Goitre, Folin and Schafier's method for estimating Food, acidity of the, and the acidity of the Gas-containing tumour of the gall-bladder, Glottis, oedema of the, in acute release nephritis, Glycuronic acid compounds in the urine, iodine-content of the thyroid gland in, Gonorrhoeal rheumatism and urinary fever, Graves' disease, see Exophthalmic Goitre, Haemolysis and functional hepatic disease, Haemolytic poisons and the secretion of Haemoperitoneum in carcinoma of the liver, Haemorrhages, tendency to, in acute Haemorrhoids in portal cirrhosis of the liver, diagnosis from secondary carcinoma of Hopkins's method for estimating uric acid, Hydrobilirubin, not identical with urobilin, Hypophysis cerebri, see Pituitary Gland"Ictere hemorrhagique essentiel" (acute Icterus typhoides (acute yellow atrophy of Immunity, natural, effect of splenectomy Indigestion and functional hepatic disease, Indoxyl sulphate of potassium in the urine, Intestine, ulceration of the, and suppurative Jaundice, Toxaemic Obstructive or Catarrhal, Kidney, cirrhosis of the, see Kidney, Granular Kidney, Granular, contracting red granular, Kidney, large white, see Nephritis, Chronic, Kidney, movable or floating, see Nephroptosis, quantity of renal tissue and the amount segregators or separators in examination Labour complicated by misplaced kidney, Langerhans, the Islands of, affections of, Liver, Biliary Cirrhosis of the, hypertrophic Liver, insular, interlobular, monolobular, or Liver, portal, alcoholic, or multilobular in congenital obliteration of the bile- ducts, Lymphatic glands, the, after splenectomy, Lymphoma, lymphoma malignum, lymphosarcoma, lymphosarcomatosis, see Malpighian bodies of the spleen, the, in Menstruation, suppressed, and congestion of Mesenteric veins, thrombosis of the, acute Metabolism, nitrogenous, in diseases of the Micturition, frequent, in renal tuberculosis, Morphine, the use of, in acute nephritis, Mucous membranes, pigmentation of the, Myelocytes, splenic, in bacterial infections, Nephritis, acute interstitial, see Nephritis, Nephritis, chronic interstitial, see Kidney, Nervous system, influence on glycogenesis, Neurine in the urine of Addison's disease, Neuritis, retrobulbar, and the nephritis of Nitrogenous metabolism in functional hepatic Opsonic index, the, in Addison's disease, Over-feeding, effect of, on the body and the Oxalic acid and functional disease of the Oxygen consumption, in diseases of the Oxymandelic acid, urinary, in acute yellow Pancreatic Duct, the, and acute catarrhal Pentose, urinary, and Cammidge's reaction, Peritoneum, the, in biliary cirrhosis of the Pernicious anaemia, and Addison's disease, Phonendoscope in examination of the Phosphorus, excretion of, increased by Pneumonia, diminution of urinary chlorides Potassium iodide in renal actinomycosis, Pregnancy, and acute yellow atrophy of the Pseudo-bile-ducts in acute yellow atrophy of Salivary glands, the, in acute pancreatitis, Schmidt's test for pancreatic insufficiency, Sexual characteristics, primary and secondary, Splanchnic nerves, the, in Addison's disease, Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, and portal Stigmata, venous, in portal cirrhosis of the Stomach, dilatation of the, in nephroptosis, Stools, fatty, in carcinoma of the pancreas, Struma basedowiana sen gravesiana colloides, Sulphates, aromatic and simple, in the urine, Syphilis, Acquired, and acute yellow atrophy and hypertrophic biliary cirrhosis of the Thrombosis in secondary carcinoma of the Thyroid extract, action of, in acromegaly, Toluylenediamine poisoning, action on the Toxins, intestinal, and hepatic disorders, Treponema pallidum in congenital syphilis Umbilicus, the, infection of, and jaundice, Uric acid diathesis and hepatic inadequacy, indican, indigo - blue, indigo - red, and Vater, the ampulla of, and suppurative Veins, enlargement of the, in portal cirrhosis parumbilical, the, in cirrhosis of the liver, thrombosed, in portal cirrhosis of the ir ami portal cirrhosis of the liver, Von Recklinghausen's disease and Addisou's Widal's reaction, often obtained in jaundice, Winslow, occlusion of the foramen of, and Wirsung's duct, see Pancreatic Duct Wolffiau body, the, and cystadenoma of the Xanthelasma in secondary carcinoma of the Xanthopsy in secondary carcinoma of the and HUMPHRY DAVY ROLLESTON, M.D. The examination of the cells contained in effusions weight has within recent years assumed some importance as an aid to diagnosis. Then the interstitial fibrous tissue increases, the epithelial cells degenerate, and their remains sr are shed into the shrunken vesicles which contain but little Accessory Thyroids. Physical examination, training and the value of 150 athletics were well discussed. Provision should be made for the prompt examination of all cases showing evidence of what not getting along well. Miss Tiffin, a sister of Edward "high" TiflBn, the first governor of Ohio. But this objec tion is really of no force: in. BENIGN uk NEOPLASMS OF THE MOUTH. In many cases of renal cirrhosis it is probable that the widespread arterial changes are primary, and that the lesions in the kidney, especially those in the epithelium, are secondary to the vascular lesion; in other words, the interference with the circulation through the kidney leads to the decay of the higher renal elements, and thus the overgrowth of fibrous tissue subsequently found in the kidney is secondary to this, and not a Considerable lesions of the smaller vessels of the kidney, with great thickening of their walls and a narrowing effects of their lumen, may, however, exist without the presence of any fibrosis. It will be enough to be in the right hcl occasionally without calling attention to the fact.


The walls are usually two or three times the normal thickness, the muscles firmer, tougher, darker red in color, and the interstitial connective tissue occasionally shows marked proliferation (ic). Certain it is that I shall extirpate in the course of the next tablet ten days, if not cured.

In addition, well-supervised graduated exercises smoking have a distinct use, as was demonstrated on such a large scale in the military convalescent camps. The weight for at this time had fallen to only with two days of fastina;. In half the cases of hydatid disease of the spleen of no symptoms were noticed, and the cyst was only discovered after death. An expert from Lehigh University, who has exainined the cases, says that they are of a malarial character, but both the local and State health officers pronounce well-known surgeon of Philadelphia, who was brevetted Lieutenant Colonel for distinguished services in Union military hospitals during the Civil War, died last week (xl). They are often dilated, but by no means always loss so. It is of great than interest to note that paralysis has also been produced experimentally in animals by the action of diphtheritic toxin by Koux and Yersin and others. In consequence of continued efforts to relieve the itching sandoz by licking and scratching, the inflammation extends into the deeper layers of the skin. Its face is usually pale, but "wellbutrin" often quite cyanotic. An attempt at segregation and isolation of the lepers in the islands has been made by the army officials, and several months ago orders were issued from headquarters directing that a hospital in each district be set aside for the isolation of the lepers that could be apprehended, and a Board of Army Officers was detailed recently to investigate several islands for the purpose of selecting a suitable one for a leper colony, the intention being to deport all cases of leprosy to this place for segregation and isolation (mg). On vertical section such a scar can be seen to enter the liver substance is for a short distance, and perhaps microscopical examination will reveal in it a speck of unabsorbed caseous material.