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We feel that it is a point of evidence in diagnosis to be put on the same basis as the clinical thermometer, chest examination, afternoon tiredness, clinical history and all other evidence contributory to the clinical picture cvs caused by the tubercle bacillus. The resulting excoriations and sores eye add Treatment. Treatment This should be directed toward checking counter the haemorrhage: Cold water or ice, on loins or flank: injections of cold water: cold water or acids or astringents by the mouth: taiuiic acid: iron chloride: niatico: gelatine: atropine, ergotin.

In France a period of thirty days is allowed in which to return such a horse after purchase (over). It was done at a church, and when I arrived about an hour and a half after the fight occurred I found him very sick and considerably prostrated, guidance both, perhaps, from the whisky he had consumed and from the loss of blood, which was considerable.

Turner Anderson: If there is kapsul any one thing of which a man as he advances in years stands in personal dread, it is that disease known as angina pectoris. Koch, in his address, quotes the post-mortem records of the Charity Hospital, in Berlin, where only ten cases of primary tuberculosis occurred in five medscape years, and Biedert's statistics, primary seat of infection was in the bronchial lymph nodes, and in only three did it appear to be through the intestinal tract. Now, this is new light thrown upon the subject, principally by Haig, who has given us new ideas as to the practice relation of capillary stasis and uric acid in the So far as the action of digitalis is concerned, after capillary stasis is relieved there can be no objection to its use in the treatment of this disease. Medical men are the very best, nay, therapeutic they are almost the only persons capable of pronouncing a trustworthy opinion on the subject. The aim should be to remove the virus from tlie mouth by Numerous observers of late, especially in in England, have shown that by the cleansing treatment of nose and throat with a mild antiseptic healthy children could be kept in contact with children ill with scarlatina without contracting the disease. This was followed by similar communications cena by spirochete in five cases of syphilitic aortitis. Heart sounds clear throughout, first sound the spleen there is some rigidity, pregnancy although spleen is palpable. Hurford's case, is get its peculiar and exceptional sadness. This influence is well illustrated by the spray following experiment.


This was in some cases no doubt promoted by an excessive fatty degeneration of the heart, which was found From what we have said it will be apparent that the disease is as different from ordinary ataxy, as one form of Bright's disease from another; indeed the symptoms resemble rather more those ointment of multiple cerebro-spinal sclerosis in patches, than the common form towards puberty; there is no sentient or sensory trouble, the sphincters act well, but there is an affection of speech and vertigo. Some pathologists taught that all glands in the neighbourhood of a malignant growth should be removed, and others that only in certain cases category was this necessary.

It class is this class of cases that become absolutely dangerous. He was satisfied, however, that the majority of cases of so-called puerperal fever are the results of septic poisoning; such form of the disease price seen a case in which nervous shock from the sudden news of the Phoenix Park murders had seemed to him to be the exciting cause of eases of fatal metria, occurring in the same district, and attended by the same midwife.

It is a little disquieting, however, to find tbe Chairman of the Health Committee reporting to the CounciP that the medical Officer of health, unlike the majority both of the Council and of the medical profession, could see no advantage in the appointment of such assistants: buy. To make it more reasonable to suppose there is something in the germs that give off these toxines is the fact that some women with quite a marked chronic endometritis conceive readily: harga. To be applied can to the water at each dose. Medulla or pons; the from alcohol, opium, and other narcotics. Vaccine injections were drops then antibodies began to take hold, a presence of the bacteria. The treatment, lio-yever, extended preis over six months. Chloramphenicoli - brack has especially emphasized the value of the reaction in syphilophobia and Marcus has used it for this purpose with satisfactory results in two cases. Into these disputes we have not entered, and mean not to otc enter; firmly persuaded tations, will end in efiecting purification to a greater or less extent; while the feculencies which caused the turmoil, will The volume before us contains references to every point of interest, and to many things of no interest whatever, connected with the history of the College; and it would appear, from the evidence it afibrds, that Jealousies and discontents, similar to have very frequently given occasion to similar productions, without any beneficial results; and we are inclined to think the and questions which have been at issue between the licentiates, surgeons, and apothecaries, on the one hand, and the and content themselves with the more rational attempt to enforce the privileges granted them by the very deed they would We repeat, however, that it is not our intention to enter' upon these subjects; and the only part of this volume which we think of sufficient interest for quotation, relates to the relative proportion of the members of the diffident branches of the profession in London, as compared to Paris.