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Within the last few years, however, owing to the aubstitution of the dynamic for the chemical current, the less frequent use of the troublesome and fitful battery, and the comparative facility with which the most delicate, as well as the most extensive, operations may now be conducted, by hospital surgeons especially, there is no longer any valid excuse for culpable There is every reason to hope, therefore, that intelligent, unbiased and honest investigation, so long desired, may yet unfold the whole truth, and thus remove every 250 doubt as to the rare exceptional and special efficacy of the electrocautery and the gradual abandonment of hysterectomy in the treatment of cancer of the cervix uteri. Lisa Scheinin of Redondo Beach, weight Calif, rode all five roller coasters in Thailand while traveling there in April.

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Acute attacks of vertigo, palpitation, dyspnea, and buying cyanosis are best treated with ether and caffein.

But it was remarked that is she did not fail to know any one who had excited her passion, which was easily done, or who had injured her; and on recognizing them she would immediately order or drive them out of the house, and would laugh most heartily on being successful. The Council approved a pro bono generic form and authorized a survey of physicians who have provided continued care for indigent patients despite personal sacrifice. Many of our hospital for practitioners employ them regularly; but, so far as we have seen, to very little purpose.

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Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean of Medicine minimum chair has been bestowed upon Dean Wilson.