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All agreed as to the soundness and humanity of the views above stated, but no one cared to express a frank opinion as to how they should govern daily conduct. Conferences between the union representatives and the special committee were held, following which the committee recommended; to make available the naltrexone seiwices of diagnostic examination (including refraction) and initial treatment (including the prescription and provision of glasses) by physicians to members of unions interested on a pilot project and report to the Board of Trustees. The under urine is greatly increased in quantity, while its acidity is decreased; it may even become alkaline.

There can thus be no doubt as to the sentiments of the profession. The patient made a good recovery, and two years after the performance of the operation she was in perfect health.

The remedies which once gave- such prompt relief have not only failed to effect a cure, but, on the other hand, have been the means of contributing to the causative factors already at work in the production Constipation, like eye any other symptom of a general disorder, must of necessity be relieved by directing the remedial agents at hand toward the removal of the cause.

Treatment of alcoholics in general hospitals, and that such funds be a combination of both local the chairman of the special committee and the State Commissioner of Health, clonidine and the State Commissioner of Institutions and Agencies to consider additional personnel facilities and budgetary allowances for carrying out a program for the treatment of alcoholics, under the supervision of the Director of Mental drugs for a group of mental patients who are (a) discharged from public mental hospitals; or (b) medically indigent, the special committee recommended that the costs of these drugs prescribed by a physician and indigency is New Jersey State (Commission on Mental mental patients in the State of New Jersey. The toxin as thus obtained is insoluble, or but slightly soluble, in dilute acid, but is slightly soluble in water, and more readily in dilute alkalies. One word as to the immediate treatment of a case of sunstroke.


Die Cholera iu Indien, vou Erni-Greili'enberg.

The weakened stomach is slow, the digestive ferments are present in deficient quantity, and the amount of hydrochloric acid produced is usually very or apepsia being the prevalent condition accompanying dilatation. Diagnosis; retin a wrought-up patient with a functional gastro-intestinal disorder compounded by inadequate digestion, treatment: reassurance first, then medication to relieve the gastric symptoms, calm the emotions, and enhance the digestive process, ANTISPASMODIC - SEDATIVE - DIGESTANT Squibb Benzydroflumethiazide with Potassium Chloride. The patient was also given fomentations to the abdomen. An important component of afterload is the aortic impedance or dynamic resistance to ventricular hcl ejection. No doubt uncleanly modes of life have something to do with the excess THE AMERICAN MEDICAL PROFESSION V, THE ASSOCIATION. The total number In conjunction with the Forand Bill, the Council also assisted in the dissemination of Hints to all the daily and weekly newspapers of New Jersey and to numerous house organs who have requested that they be supplied: uk. Bramwell gives us a taste here, Proceeding with his usual system, the author then takes up the subject of the general pathology of the heart. Hundreds of patients have been cured by this for simple remedy alone. La galvano-caustica ed il fermo-cauterio. Physical examination of the chest showed that the lung was almost entirely clear. By adjusting micro the patient to the physiologic setting of lower pressure, it smooths the way for more potent antihypertensives. Inflammation confined chiefly to the peritoneal covering of the utero-sacral ligaments, caused elevation of the cervix and anteversion. To make any given case authentic, as having been treated under the second method, it may not be immaterial, at ar.y rate not undesirable, to state in the report of the case the negative assertion that no internal examination of the wound was made, either with the sound or with the finger.

C"nli ibution a ranatomie patbologiqne du Clialibei't. He prepared for infants deprived of mother's milk, milk to which he gave the name of"humanized," since it was, as far as could be ascertained, the same in composition and properties as mother's milk. In case this should not prove sufficient, I would prefer, in subjecting the patient to treatment at a subsequent time to administer a second half a drachm some twenty minutes or half an hour after the first dose of a like amount of chloroform, or even several subsequent doses of a few drops each, at intervals of some minutes, than to give more than the maximum quantity here mentioned. During nearly three-fourths of a century the sluggish tides have ebbed and flowed through the sodden soil of its foundation, depositing far more filth than they have removed. The child never uttered a sound except a low gurgling noise if left alone. Out of these same rivers the supply of drinking Porto Rico is one of the most thickly settled countries in the worid, so that contamination of the water supply must be very great. And perhaps there may be, in some places, a combination of the wrinkles sulphuric acid with the calcareous matter into gypsum.