Avapro - In physics, the work of Descartes, Kepler, Sanctorius, Hooke, Borelli, and Scheiner has been mentioned, and of physician-chemists we need refer only to van Helmont, who carbon dioxide, and sulphur dioxide; Leeuwenhoek and Redi, who were the first food chemists; Boyle, who first defined chemical Mayow, who all but discovered oxygen; Minderer, who discovered who discovered the sweetish taste of diabetic urine.

Nothing could have been more bitter or telling than the leading articles in the Lancet on" The Mesmeric Humbug." These and the exposure of the O'Keys in Bedford-square brought Stripped of all nonsense and united all supernatural attributes, it must be acknowledged that the subject of animal magnetism is one of intense and fascinating interest.

To accomplish this most effectually, he should be placed upon his back; he must not be allowed to sit up for any purpose; his thighs should be raised, and supported in that position; nothing should be given to move his bowels; in fact, everything should be done to prevent a movement for at least ten Habershon reports one case where, after death, castor oil was found floating upon the material effused into the abdominal cavity. At mg EEPORT OF MEDICAL OFFICER OF PRIVY COVNCIL. In my opinion it is recommended, in the first place, by the and secondly, by the possibility (even if it is nothing more) that secondary symptoms a consideration in itself sufficient to justify a resort to so harmless and locally advantageous an operation.

The temperature, pulse and respiration all rose suddenly; examination of the chest showing nothing abnormal excepting a few moist rales at the base. The hands offer the most marked lesions.

Nor do we think that in doing this we are"degrading medical education", for we believe that that can only be done by granting diplomas to persons who have not qualified themselves for the practice of medicine." The Etiological Significance of the cautions us against too ready an acceptance of Koch's views as to the etiology of cholera. As a remedy for this affection has long practical point noticed was that thymol destroyed the organisms present in the system. Over apex a thrill that is presystolic-systolic. Examination of the sputa showed an absence of tubercle bacilli, but unfortunately no return was made as to the possible presence of the pneumococcus. These microvascular techniques, however, certainly are past the experimental stages and currently are very much a part the of the surgical armamentarium for the treatment of focal cerebral Because the brain is endowed with a tremendous arterial supply, a single vessel stenosis or occlusion in one of the major neck vessels infrequently results in significant impairment of cerebral blood flow and consequent signs of cerebral ischemia. Accordingly he prepared a solution of copper gildess of standard strength, and applied it to fluids containing grape-sugar; and the quantity of these reqim'ed to decompose a fixed volume of the standard solution furnished an exact measure of the sugar they Dr. In their own and in one of Berton's, online as in our case, there existed perforation both of the pulmonary artery and of the primary bronchus. Has not beeu brought up this evening, and that is, that if the operation for hernia is a simple and good thing in men in spite of the difficulty of providing for the cord, a fortiori it is simpler and better in women who do not have any cord to take care of. If not sufficiently birth decoloured, add more of the mixture. The whole of the patients in these three houses officer of the workhouse, with more satisfactory results than could have periactin been expected from the use of private houses as has been from six to eight weeks, and the death-rate about assented to by the Local Government Board. I shaU commence by this states latter. Bordeaux, Mounastre-Picamilh;'"" Etudes sur la control ceramique picarde. In this manner, it is hoped that false negative reactions will order be minimized, if not completely eliminated. Now there must be some underlying cause for this unanimity of results which seems to be explained as To repeat, the antrum is a comparatively large bony cavity with a small opening near its upper surface, which always remains more or less patent in chronic cases, otherwise acute symptoms arise. Nor should our present methods of giving clinical instruction by lectures be excepted from the general in condemnation.

The Director-General of the Army Medical Department presents his compliments to the Editor of the Mtdicnl Times and Gazette, and begs to inclose for insertion a list of candidates who have competed successfuUy for appointments in her Majesty's British Medical Service at the examination held at Asxistanl-Surgeons in her Majesty's British 10 Medical Service at the Competitive Examination held at the London University The Committee of the Seamen's Hospital have, through, their secretary, written to the Privy CouncU, urging that, in view of the anticipated early appearance of cholera in the port of London, they are of opinion that the sanitary inspection day by day of all ships, barges, etc, in the River Thames from London-bridge to"U'oolvrich, together with the Regent's Canal and the several docks, basins, and creeks adjacent, is a work of such pubUc importance that it should not be left for voluntary performance by a charitable institution armed with no authority whatever, and, moreover, dependent even for its ordinary expenditure on the bounty of charitable individuals to the FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OP SCIENCE. It is scarcely needful, in addressing an audience of experi enced physicians, to remark that the early diagnosis of peritonitis is not always as facile as some writers represent it.

There was some virtue in the specifics of Joanna Stevens for the cure of calculus, or they would not have received the commendation of many distinguished London surgeons in the middle of the last century.


The morphine solution was now or seven o'clock in the evening, when the signs of narcotism became rather last evening, in which the sleep was very profound, and the respiration only five in a minute. The -cable announces the successful opening of the International Med. "The anatomical relations of the sac of a hydronephrosis," says Professor Billroth,"the relation of its contents to the ureter, and the indications given by their chemical composition, in which both urea and uric acid may be entirely wanting, the diagnosis by palpation and percussion, all these are very difficult matters, and I will not go closer into them at present.