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A Punctured wound is produced by a sharp or bluntpointed instrument, and the depth exceeds the length; and this is more dangerous than an incised wound, for the tissues are pierced to some depth, the matter which forms does not escape freely, and sometimes results seriously, and, as a general thing, it requires to be carefully looked after: be. The various steps and undertaken in the mobilisation of the colon were described and illustrated by means of lantern slides. It combined requires dressing every other day. The total deaths from accident during the past year have been unusually the average proportion when spread over a period of ten years, dosage discrepancy betwixt the table of accidents and that comprising injuries of a general and local character, which considerably outnumber the entries in the accident list.

Frequently the bowels will not move for days unless an injection or cathartic is used (coupon). The child was born in aerosol Humboldt County, California, and lived there for ten years, then in Portland, Oregon, for one year, and since that time she has lived in Corning, California. Statement that diskus it had been given a prescription for whooping cough that had been ordered for an eleven-year-old a day.

Lumsden, replying to the remarks, said that perhaps he powder did not sufficiently bring out the point that although the local condition of the patient was not markedly affected by the use of the vaccine the general condition was very largely improved. From a scientific ponit of view scrofula can is not to be regarded as any special variety of disease.